Asesoría Mera


South staffs One in a Million Staffs o'class Hight power pack (CH) Tolkin's jolly cotton (CH)
Sindelar's sweet child o mine (CH)
Jasmin de cans Juansa Osorio de Cans Juansa, (CH.)
Bamba de Cans Juansa (CH)
Heroes de Carthago Take a Risk Rebel and Proud Gold Rocker II Alpine's Rio Grande, (Ch.)
Rebel and proud cool to hate
Rebel and proud no moon no stars Tauron de Cans Juansa, (CH.)
Rebel and Proud Old Moon, (CH.)



X Reyestaff's Ace of Spades X Missnar's screens hot
[+INFO] Club Español del American Staffordshire Terrier
Apdo. Correos 55006
28080 Madrid